1 Inch Transfer Pump

The one inch 1 inch Transfer Pump has a one inch 1″ inlet and outlet.

Electric Transfer Pump

Some are pressure pumps designed to pump mainly garden water.  The PRJ and DJ models are household transfer pumps used for potable water (human consumption), while the others are garden pumps only. These are all 240V electric pumps and some displayed with presscontrols on them.  The presscontrols start the pump automatically when a tap is turned on and will turn the pump off when the tap is turned off.  If no presscontrol is used then the pump will operate manually.  All of these are available with or without the press controller.

Petrol Powered Transfer Pump

There are two petrol powered models displayed on this page which are lightweight and portable. They are great for pumping water from creeks, rivers and dams. One is a 2-stroke water transfer pump only.

The other is a 4-stroke diesel or water transfer pump which is supplied with viton seals making it suitable for diesel fuel transfer.

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Showing all 8 results