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Packaged Pump Systems  are pre-plumbed with Premium Quality REEFE® Submersible Pumps.

Packaged Pumping Systems are custom made to your specific requirements.

The variety of combinations makes these units suitable for nearly all applications.

Units can be preassembled and factory tested with only minor commissioning required. We deliver direct to site and a commissioning service is available if required. Supported by a reliable back-up service.

All systems can be supplied with REEFE® Submersible Pumps, Control Systems, Floats and Guide Rail Systems. POLYETHYLENE PITS.

Heavy Duty pits available in set sizes from 250 litre, 700L, 1200 and 2000L. Other sizes can also be sourced. Polyethylene is a resilient light-weight material which has excellent chemical resistance. It is very easy to plumb connections.

pump stations with submersible drainage pump

Pump Station with Submersible Pump

•Complete package
•Cam-lock internal connections
•Can be preassembled
•Can be delivered direct to site
•Reliable Back-up service

•Various Pump and Pit types
•Auto coupling kits
•Guide rails to suit selected pumps
•Lifting chains
•Various pump monitoring & controls
•Single or Dual Pump Systems
•Various Lid and Access cover options

single pump station with liquid level alarm and single pump station with single pump controller installation diagrams

diagram of a dual pump station with a dual pump controller

There are various pump options available with the Pump Stations such as Sewage Pumps, Sump Pumps, Grinder Pumps, Cutter Pump, Drainage Pumps and more.

Optional Control Panels include Single & Dual Pump controllers, BMS systems, DOL Starters, Liquid Level Controllers.

underground pump-out pits

Pumps are available for 240 single 1 Phase and 415 volt Three 3 Phase.
Access covers and grates are available as ‘Pedestrian’ grade or ‘Vehicle’ grade and come in different sizes. These need to be custom ordered depending on what tank size you need, the type and size of pump and what controls you may need.

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