SubDrive 75 Constant Pressure Pump System SDQP75–45-105

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Variable Speed Bore Pump Kit

Use a SubDrive 75 when you need to pump water directly from the bore to the house or/and irrigation system.

The pump speed adjusts to the amount of taps that are turned on. SubDrive 75 controllers are a complete bore pump kit which provide constant pressure by continually monitoring and adjusting the pump speed to meet water demands.

The SubDrive is a variable frequency drive constant pressure system.

The SubDrive 75 Kit includes

SubDrive 75 QuickPAK comprises of a Pump, Motor, Drive, Pressure tank and Sensor all in one quick and easy package. SubDrive also eliminates pressure fluctuations during long running applications such as reticulation / irrigation systems and other domestic and industrial uses.

All in one easy and quick package to get you pumping quickly!

Features and Benefits

  • Constant water pressure with a wide range of settings (172 to 550 kPa)

  • Soft start feature prevents water hammer and increases motor life

  • Works with small pressure tanks or with larger tanks already in place

  • Smart Reset® technology allows well recovery before restarting the pump

  • Single-phase input power with three-phase motor performance

  • Excellent radio frequency interference shielding

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