Series 200 Flexibore Flexible Hose System – Flexible Riser Pipe 76mm


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76mm (3”) Flexibore 200 Flexible Hose / Riser Hose

Other diameters available are 40mm, 51mm, 102mm, 126mm, 152mm & 200mm ID for depths of up to 250m.

Once in the field, Flexibore is attached to the pump with the patented couplings. The pump, with hose and cables attached, is lowered into the bore using either a simple rolling wheel or a crane.
Save Money! No Stainless Steel Safety Cable is required when using Flexibore due to its high tensile strength.

Strip with loops every two meters from which to secure power cable.

Other accessories needed with the Flexible hose are:
Couplings – available in 304SS and 316SS (2 fittings per bore)
Straps – fit strap for each loop – loops positioned every 1 meter for 76mm diameter hose
Cable ties

Benefits and Cost Saving Features

Quick and easy installation and retrieval (no damage can occur due to kinking)
No internal scaling
Totally corrosion resistant
Reduced head losses and improved flow rates due to swelling under pressure
Less labour intensive due to ease of installation
Reduced transport costs due to light weight and easy handling
Custom lengths made to order
Potable water approved: AS 4020
All hydrostatically tested for tensile strength and pressure rating, so NO Safety cable is required

Crusader Flexible Hose Systems are designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

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3", 76mm

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