Automatic Household Pressure Pump with 18 Litre Tank – CAM100P-18L


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The Pentax CAM100 pressure pump with 18L tank  and will automatically switch the the pump off in the absence of water, so the pump won’t burn out. This system will also automatically turn the pump on when a tap is open and turn the pump off when the tap is closed.

Model: CAM100P-18L

CAM100 Pressure Pump with 18L Tank and Pressure Switch

4-6 Taps
45LPM @ 30m head
Max flow = 60LPM
Max head = 46m
Max suction lift = 7m
HP: 1
KW: 0.75
Inlet / Outlet size is 1 ”
2 Year Warranty

If your water tank is at a distance from the house, the pump is higher than the water source or the pipe from the tank to the pump has a lot of bends or elbows, a ‘SELF-PRIMING’ pump can be useful.

If you want to suck water up from a well, please ensure you have a good quality foot valve at the suction end and the pipes have no leaks. The pipe must come up directly to a 90 degree elbow attached to the suction end of the pump. Make sure there are no air leaks and keep the prime in the pump. Have a tap near the pump to check it works.

Every meter of suction (underground tank, etc) = a loss of 5% pump flow performance. Eg: A pump that can do 50LPM, if drawing water up from 4m will loose approx 20% so will only pump 40LPM.

These Italian Shallow well jet pump models have a jet assisted design suitable for lifting water from shallow suction depths of up to 7m. Being self priming, these jet pumps are also good for pumping water over a distance or where the pipe from the tank to the house has several bends or elbows.

Rugged cast iron bodies, Noryl impellor with stainless steel shafts with mechanical seals make this unit excellent for supplying water to the larger homes that are more common in Australia.

Self Priming, jet assisted, suitable for shallow bores or wells and rainwater tanks. Useful when the pump is higher than the water source. Able to operate multiple outlets within the home with minimal fuss.

TEFC motors with thermal protection, quiet running and IP44 protected motors make this an excellent choice for home water supply. Press Control or Wellmate Pressure Tanks options are available with this series.

Pentax’s manufacturing system ensures the quality of the product year after year.

Italian made.

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kW / Hp

0.75 / 1

Maximum Litres Per Minute


Maximum Head (m)


Number of Taps


Suction Depth (m)



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