24 Litre Vertical 10 Bar Pressure Tank


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24 Litre Vertical 10 Bar Pressure Tank

The pressure tank absorbs water pressure by utilizing pre-charge compressed air / bladder arrangement. Because of this stored pressure (energy), when a valve or tap is opened water is pushed out of the tank through the plumbing system. When the water in the pressures tank drops below the pre-charged value, the pressure switch is activated turning on the pump. The pump then refills the pressure tank. The combination of the pressure tank, pressure switch and the pump is what allows water to flow through your home or garden.

Pressure tanks are needed for complete house applications, toilet blocks and larger pressure systems.   Standard domestic applications benefit from the inclusion of a pressure tank.  REEFE® pressure tanks are manufactured either in full Stainless Steel or with a pure Polypropylene liner coupled with a high-grade Butyl diaphragm which is held against the wall of a tank with a special steel ring. The brass air valve is sealed by a threaded O-ring valve cap to prevent air leaks. The threaded water connection fitting is stainless steel to avoid corrosion, and provides a unique water/air seal preventing leaks. The diaphragm and the liner are both reinforced in expected areas of wear, for longer life, and there are no wetted steel parts to avoid corrosion. All the internal parts including the air valve are smooth to prevent damage to the diaphragm. The steel tank exterior is coated with a two-pack polyurethane paint finish over an epoxy undercoating providing excellent long-term UV and corrosion protection.


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