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PRJ Series of electric water transfer pump are equipped with waterproof plug and power cord. The PRJ water transfer pump is suitable for supplying water to the house and garden.  The PRJ jet transfer pump is best for the average home and can lift water from underground tanks, shallow wells and bores or draw water direct from above ground rainwater tanks.

Model Number = PRJ062T
Rated Flow = 25LPM @ 20m head
Max Flow = 62LPM
Max Head = 35m
Inlet / Outlet = 25FBSP / 25 MBSP
Suction Depth = 8m
Warranty = 2 Years


  • Domestic Water Supply, Irrigation and Transfer
  • Water Storage Tank Pump Set
  • Pressure Boosting

Features & Benefits

  • Power saving, high efficiency design, uses up to 50% less power than many alternatives
  • Pressure control devices can be fitted
  • Certified to AS4020 for Potable Water (Drinking Water)
  • Suction lift up to 8m depth (with foot valve)
  • Fitted with 3 pin plug


  • Stainless steel housing & Impeller
  • Noryl diffuser and jet and venturi, brass
    barrel union
  • 316 stainless steel shaft
  • Carbon/ceramic mechanical seals for
  • Motor IP55 with Insulation Class F

Additional information

Maximum Head (m)


Maximum Litres Per Minute




Number of Taps

4 to 6

Suction Depth (m)


kW / Hp

0.37 / 0.5


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