Large Flow Sump Pump Manual Vortex 3 Phase RCV150


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This industrial heavy duty large flow sump pump can lift water up to 8M and pump water up to 1050 Litre/per min or 17.5Liter/sec depending on the model. These drainage pump are for emptying dirty water with larger particle size 76mm.

REEFE® I Series Vortex Pumps are a HIGH FLOW industrial pump and are ideal for pumping liquids with soft or fibrous solids in suspension. Clean water or ‘grey’ water containing small soft solids is ideal for these pumps. These submersible pumps are designed to pump semi-screened grey water with ease.

Model Number = RCV150
Max Flow = 1050LPM
Max Head = 8m
Outlet = 80mm / 3″
Particle Size = 76mm
Warranty = 1 Year

Their quiet performance makes them a perfect solution for every day demanding processes.

Complete pumping systems such as pump, controller, tanks etc can be custom made. Please contact me for a quote.

• Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants
• Wash-down Areas
• Waste Treatment Facilities
• Laundries
• Abattoirs
• Storm water


• Triple Seal System (Silicone/ Carbon/Ceramic)
• Non-clog Impeller
• Miniature thermal sensor
• Auto Overload Protection
• Auto Coupling kits available
• Manual Operation
• 10m cable

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Maximum Litres Per Minute


Maximum Head (m)


Particle Handling Size (mm)


kW / Hp

1.5 / 2


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