Submersible Granny Flat Pump Rain to Mains Changeover System

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RM5000-2 with RPS036 Submersible Granny Flat Rain to Mains changeover system

The RM5000-2 is a Submersible Granny Flat Rain to Mains changeover system.  It is very easy and quick to install with no float switch to set and no controller to wire in. The RM5000-2 with RPS036 is designed for speed of installation with integrated pressure controller, no solenoid valve or electronic
controls. This system stops mains supply while the rain water is in the tank to help conserve our precious resource. This system is suitable for underground tanks and is best suited for the supply of toilet, laundry and garden taps/outlets. Also suitable for whole house supply for one bathroom dwellings.

Model Number = RM5000-2 with RPS036
Rated Flow = 50LPM @ 27m head
Max Flow = 100LPM
Max Head = 36m
Outlet = 1″
Warranty = 2 Years

Applications for Submersible Granny Flat Rain to Mains Changeover System

  • Small House, Cabin or Granny Flat Supply (1 bathroom)
  • Domestic Irrigation
  • Small Commercial Properties
  • Small Toilet Block (up to 6 fixtures)
  • Garden Irrigation

Benefits and Features

  • Watermark certified components
  • This system automatically checks for rainwater. If there is no tank supply, the mains supply flows
  • Valve set is 100% hydraulic – no electronics
  • Simply plug in – no electrician required
  • Affordable solution for new and old installations
  • Pump has integrated pressure controller and run dry protection
  • Compact design with water cooled motor
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Base ensures suction inlet is out of sludge build up Valve set adjustable for high mains pressure


  • Gr 304 stainless steel casing & shaft
  • Plastic Impellers and Diffusers
  • 10m power cable
  • Plastic Pump Base and Discharge Body
  • Pump dimensions are 100mm dia, 120mm base dia, 795mm overall height
  • Brass valveset

Additional information



Maximum Litres Per Minute


Maximum Head (m)


Number of Taps


kW / Hp

0.37 / 0.5


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