Shroud Adapter 32x100mm


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32 x 100mm (1 1/4″ riser) PVC Shroud Adapter.

Pre-shaped adapter to allow you to manufacture your own shroud length.

Shrouds ensure water must travel the length of the motor in to the pump suction to aid in cooling the motor.

Required in cascading, low yielded, top feeding bores.

Also available in 50 x 100mm PVC

A flow Inducer sleeve is used in the following applications:

  • Pump is in an open body of water
  • Pump is in a rock well or below the well casing
  • The well is ‘top-feeding’
  • Pump is set in or below screens or perforations
  • You are using a 4″ pump in a 6″ or larger casing


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