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    Bore Pumps

    Need to buy a submersible bore pump?

    Strongman Pumps stock a large range of submersible bore pumps for sale in nearly every capital city around Australia and can ship Australia wide from the closest warehouse to you making delivery quicker.  We have water bore pumps to suit just about any application such as: • Pumping directly to the house from the bore • Pumping to dams, turkey nests or holding tanks • Automatically fill your tank when it gets low • Pressure systems to pump directly to irrigation • Constant pressure systems and variable speed drives for house and garden combined • Pumping from a creek, river or dam • Floating pump system • Off grid setups such as solar pumps and complete solar pump kits. Go from solar power to mains power or generator with the flick of a switch • Above ground bore pumps - also called convertible jet pumps There are many pump control options and motor protection options as well as a huge range of accessories.

    NEED HELP Selecting a Bore Pump?

    Fill in the Quote Form or just contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you with your pump selection or inquiry. Here is some more helpful information to assist you when selecting a Bore Pump. Bore Pumps are not all submersible pumps, there are also above ground bore pumps called Deep Well Convertible Jet Pumps or Surface Bore Pumps.
  • DC Pumps

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    DC Pumps

    DC Pumps can be Solar, Wind Turbine and Battery powered. The DC Pumps are mostly 12 volt and 24 volt, we also have others. Complete solar and/or battery kits are also available to purchase with the pump if not already included.  Please contact us for the kit prices if not already displayed on the website.
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    Drainage Pumps

    Drainage Pumps easily drain out clean or dirty water (with small particle sizes) from any surface. Water leakage in a building is quite a dangerous situation that needs to be immediately taken care of with a drainage pump. Drainage pumps are mainly used for draining clean water as they can only handle particle sizes smaller than what sewage draining pumps can handle. They can be used with an automatic float switch or manually.  If there is limited space for the automatic float switch in the pit or tank, then they can be used with a controller. We have a large range of controllers and alarms to be used with these pumps. Please contact us for more information of these.

    Puddle Sucker Pumps

    Puddle sucker pumps are lightweight plastic submersible pumps that can drain water from a level surface down to a level of 2mm.  They are a very lightweight pump capable of producing flows of up to 160 litres per minute, with a head of up to 6 metres.

    Undersink Pump Systems

    Undersink Pump Systems are an automated system that handle sink or basin waste water where there is not enough gravity fall to the sewer. The Undersink Pump Systems include a small tank which fits under the sink or basin and a small submersible  vortex pump which is non-clogging with a vertical float. These units are ideal for confined spaces such as under benches, under sinks and in cupboards.

    Drainage Pump Stations

    A drainage pump station consists of the pump, tank and any controls or alarms needed.  These pump stations are custom made to suit your individual situation.  If you are in need of a pump station please fill in our online quote form and we will get back to you with an obligation free proposal.
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    Fire Fighting Pumps

    Fire pumps are great for emergencies because they're strong enough to supply large amounts of water quickly, but this has also made them useful in many other applications too. Buy from our versatile fire fighting pumps for sale.
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    Pond Pumps

    With so many different types of Pond Pumps for sale it can be difficult to choose the correct one for your needs.  You can buy Pond Pumps that are 240V Electric Fountain Pond Pumps, Solar Powered Fountain Pumps (some with Battery Backup for operating at night)Waterfall Pumps or Low Voltage Fountain Pumps.  They are all designed for a different purpose and pond size. They are also available in Kits or just as a pump on its own. You can purchase Pumps for use in Fountains, Waterfalls, Ponds, Urns, Statues, Water Features, Filtration, Hydroponics, salt water and more.  Please look at the flow that the pump will give you at the head that you are operating it at to determine the right Pump to purchase. I have displayed this for each model. Need Help Selecting the Right Size Pond Pump?  Here is a guide to help you select the correct Pond Pump or Fountain Pump.
  • Pressure

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    High Pressure Water Pumps Australia

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    Pressure Pumps for Drinking Water

    Drinking water constant pressure pumps and home water pressure pumps for drinking water are pressure pumps that are compliant and approved for drinking water.  Our drinking water pumps can be found under our ‘Household Pressure Pumps’ category.

    High Pressure Water Pump

    For very High Pressure Water Pumps with flows up to 400LPM and heads up to 100m please contact us

    Submersible Pressure Pumps for Rainwater Tanks

    Submersible multistage pumps with a built in pressure controller that has run-dry protection.  These pumps can be placed directly into the tank making them a super quiet pressure pump for the home and are also a good pump for drinking water.  These submersible pressure pumps can be found under our ‘Household Pressure Pumps’ category.

    Rain to Mains Pressure Pumps

    Rain to Mains Pumps use water from the rainwater tank.  When the tank is empty it automatically switches over to Mains water.  When the tank has water it switches back. Our Rain water to Mains water changeover pumps can be found under out 'Rain to Mains Pump' category.

    Self-Priming Pressure Pumps

    Self Priming Pumps are used when the water tank is far away from the house, the pump is higher than the water source with a straight pipe from the water source to the pump, or the pipe from the tank to the pump has a lot of bends or elbows.  A range of Self Priming Pumps can be found under the 'Self Priming Pumps' category.

    Jet Pumps

    Jet Pumps are a specially modified Pump with a nozzle and venture pair inside the nose of the pump.  Jet pumps are designed to generate relatively high water pressures from a single stage.  They are all surface pumps and can use a pressure vessel or pressure switch so they operate automatically when a tap is turned on.  You can find our jet pumps under the 'Jet Pumps' category. The Deep Well Jet Pump has 2 pipes connected to an external venturi and are used to lift water from an underground tank, bore or well.
  • Sewage Sump

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    Buy Sewage Pump System Australia

    What separates a submersible sewage pump from ordinary submersible sump pumps / drainage pumps is their ability to handle larger solids. Sewage pumps can usually handle larger particles and solids up to 35mm (sometimes larger) that overflow from the septic tank. Click the following link to find out more about the difference between Sewage Pump, Sump Pumps, Drainage Pumps, Grinder Pumps, etc
  • Transfer

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    Water Transfer Pumps

    Water Transfer Pumps are used to move fluid from one location to another. They are used for emptying pits and drains, moving water from creeks to dams, pumping diesel, transferring chemicals, filling water trucks and many different water transfer and water draining applications. The models have been separated into 1", 2", 3" & 4".  This is an indication of the inlet/outlet size of the pump.  They all produce different flows and operate at varying heads, so please look at the pump details.

    Petrol Powered Transfer Pumps

    The transfer pumps are petrol engine drive transfer pumps available in electric start or recoil start.  We also have a huge range Yanmar and Kohler Diesel powered pumps available.  Please contact me for these models as they are not yet displayed on the website.

    Water Transfer Pumps for Clean Water and Grey Water

    The majority of these pumps are high flow water pumps used for pumping water only.  They can also handle draining grey water.  Some models come with a roll frame.  They are designed for large flows and high heads.

    Trash Pumps for Dirty Water with Solids

    The trash pumps such as the MH020T, MH030T & MH040T are basically a transfer pump that can pump dirty water with solids.  This makes them great for draining water from building construction sites.

    Poly Pumps for Saltwater and Chemicals

    The poly pumps such as the PP020-PL and MH020P (for the 2" models)  PP030-PL and MH030P (for the 3" models) have internals that handle various liquid fertilizers, general farm chemicals and mild acids.  They can also handle sea water and saline ground water, oil  and diesel fuel.

  • Water Pump Specials

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    Cheap Water Pumps for Sale

    View our Cheap Water Pumps for Sale with our Monthly Specials Page. Our Water Pump Specials change all the time, so keep an eye on this page. The current water pumps on sale are available for the months of September and October 2018