Rule-Mate 12V 2000GPH Automatic Heavy Duty Bilge Pump


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Rule-Mate 12V 2000GPH Automatic Heavy Duty Bilge Pump

The Rule-Mate 2000GPH (126 LPM) Automatic Heavy Duty Bilge Pump has Rule’s exclusive heavy duty Rule commercial motor and “Spongeability” feature. It is an all-in-one bilge pump and switch with no float switch required.  The innovative design incorporates the bilge pump and water sensor in a single housing.

The unique Rule “Spongeability” feature leaves the bilge the driest ever – when water in the bilge reaches a certain height the solid state sensor automatically activates and the pump runs until the water is pumped out, reducing boat weight, saving fuel and minimizing bilge odour.

Pump check feature – simply touch the pump check button on the pump and hold for a few seconds to test cycle the pump.

These pumps have Threaded discharge ports – 2 hose sizes for easy installation. They are supplied with 2 x straight threaded outlet ports – 1 x straight to suit 25mm (1″) hose & 1 x straight to suit 28mm (1 1/8″) hose.

Available in 12 volt or 24 volt. Both pumps have a base footprint size of 150 x 100mm

  • Fully automatic all-in-one submersible bilge pump systems
  • Very heavy duty Rule commercial motor
  • No separate float switch required
  • Bilge water sensor and pump in one common housing
  • Pump and sensor are internally common wired for easy installation
  • No battery drain other than when the pump is in use
  • Removable strainer and impeller area are accessible to clear debris
  • Threaded discharge ports – 2 hose sizes for easy installation
  • 1 each straight and 90 degree hose ports supplied with the pump
  • A 3rd wire allows for manual over-ride using a Rule switch panel (see below – RWB23 or 107  12volt,  RWB24 or 5188  24volt)  or it can activate an alarm or indicator lamp if desired
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Single touch pump check test button feature
  • Capacity 126 Litres Per Minute
  • 8.4 Amps
  • Total overall dimensions inc. outlet : 225mm L x 106mm W x 152mm H
  • 3 year limited warranty

Rule bilge pump control panels – These Rule 3 way control panels can be used to control and indicate operation of all Rule bilge pumps and will allow the Rule-Mate pumps to function with a manual over-ride operation feature using the 3rd wire supplied in the wiring harness of the pump.

The control panel options are: RWB107 12 volt or RWB5188 24 volt

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