RM1500 Installation for Submersible Pumps

Install a Rain to Mains Changeover Valve / Water Diversion Valve to a Submersible Pump.

Installing a water diversion rain to mains changeover valve to a submersible pump
diagram of rain to mains switchover valve

Step 1

Fill the 1″ pipe with water until full to remove air before connecting the RM1500 valve.


Step 2

The RM1500 Valve is fitted on to a 1″ BSP male union fitted on top of the pipe. Tighten the 1″ FBSP loose nut with the fibre washer supplied.


Step 3

Connect mains water to the RM1500 using the 1″ FBSP connection.


Step 4

Connect outlet to the house supply using the 1″ FBSP connection.


Connection of the pump should be carried out according to manufacturer’s instructions.

All plumbing connections should be carried out by a licensed plumber, according to local council regulations.


If you would like a submersible pressure pump with a built-in pressure controller that can be fitted with the RM1500 device, please look at the RPS036 and the RPS050