Submersible Rain to Mains System – Floatless RM5000-PE


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The RM5000 is submersible floatless rain to mains changeover system.  It is very easy and quick to install with no float switch to set and no controller to wire in, no solenoid. This system restricts flow of Mains supply while there is rainwater in the tank. Mains supply will flow when tank water is low or in the event of a power failure. The simplicity of this system has the added benefit of making it very affordable. This system is suitable for underground tanks and is best suited for applications supplying laundry and toilets only. For whole house supply use the RM1500.

Model Number = RM5000
Rated Flow = 65LPM @ 25m head
Max Flow = 125LPM
Max Head = 36m
Outlet = 25mm / 1″
Warranty = 2 Years


  • Small House Supply
  • Domestic Irrigation
  • Commercial Properties
  • Building Site Offices
  • Small Toilet Block

Package Complete With

  • Submersible Pressure Pump – Max 125LPM 36m head
  • Pressure Controller
  • Valves System
  • Plug Protector

Additional information



Maximum Litres Per Minute


Maximum Head (m)


Number of Taps


kW / Hp

0.75 / 1


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