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CLEARBORE – The leading water bore and water pump cleaner.

The biofilm and encrustations in water bores, pumps and irrigation equipment caused by dissolved iron and Iron-related bacteria are simply dissolved away by Clearbore water bore cleaner. Clearbore is a safe, biodegradable and effective product for cleaning water bores and water pumps.

AQUASCOPE – The answer to all your water and filtration needs!

Aquascope water specialists correct all water quality supply problems including hard water, corrosive water, algal blooms, bacterial problems, borehole treatment, general sediment and chlorine removal.

Care-Free delivers eco-friendly water straight from your tap…for life!

It’s not a water softener, it’s a water conditioner and it’s engineered to overcome your water problems … to make the difference you can see. You see a Care-Free Water Conditioner will improve the taste of your drinking water. It will prevent and remove calcium scale from your piping and hot water tanks. If you use an irrigation system it will increase your crop production and what’s more it will substantially reduce salinity in your soil. (Patent Pending). And that’s just a few of the benefits.

Enviro-Boreclean Anti Bacterial Biocidal De-scalant

Enviro-Boreclean liquid is specifically designed to clean scale build up from water bores,
from the bore head to the outlet. The presence of iron scale and iron based bacteria in bores and related pipework cause reduced flow as well as iron staining. Iron scaling is particularly prevalent in areas with sandstone substrates, and flow can be restricted by as much as 75%. Enviro-Boreclean is designed to remove the scaling at the source, and assist in eradicating the presence of iron bacteria, a source of staining. With regular use of Enviro-Boreclean, flow rates are easily optimised, and bacteria kept at bay.

Treats Bore Head, Pipes, Filters and Tanks
Scale build up typically starts at the bore head which is the first of several zones within the bore system that is subject to scale build up.

Hand water pumps – Simple Pump manufactures all stainless steel hand water pumps that can pump water from up to 400 foot deep wells.