Variable Speed Pumps

The Variable Speed Pumps are becoming increasingly popular.  We are receiving feedback that many of our customers are regularly telling their friends to get one.

Energy Saving Pump

They are also great value for money compared to traditional pressure pumps as they are a high efficiency and energy saving design, saving up to 30%-60% on energy usage.

Variable Speed Pumps (VSD)

These pumps are called Variable Speed Drive Pressure Pumps.  As you turn taps on and off, the motor speed adjusts accordingly giving you constant pressure. The pump controller adjusts the motor speed and maintains constant outlet pressure, even with fluctuating demand.

High Quality Pressure Pump with a Long Service Life

Due to the minimal torque and abrasion on the shaft (a result of reduced revolutions) in normal operation, this pump guarantees a long service life.

With the precise soft start and soft stop, water hammer is virtually eliminated in most installations, thereby protecting the plumbing and appliances from damage.

  • Supplied with 2L pressure tank, pre-charged to 2.0 bar (4L pressure tank on VSRM50-270 model).
  • Liquid temperature 0oC – 90oC
  • Environment temperature ≤50oC

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Showing all 5 results