Solar Fountain Kits

Solar Fountain Kits are great when there is no power or power point near your Water Pond, Aquaculture, Kydroponics, etc.  As long as the Solar panel/s are in the sunlight, the pump will work.  The Solar Fountain Kits are available with Solar Panel/s.  Some of the kits are also available with a battery for night time use.

Save energy and keep our planet alive – use a Solar Fountain Pond Pump Kit!

Our range of Solar Fountain & Pond Pump Kits include Solar Pond Pump Kits, Waterfall Pump Kits, Water Feature Pump Kits with Solar Panels and optional Battery for night use.

Need Help Selecting the Right Size Pond Pump?  Here is a guide to help you select the correct Pond Pump or Fountain Pump.

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Showing all 10 results