Automatic Plastic Submersible Drainage Pump – DP80G


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Drainage pump for emptying pits and cisterns, for gardens.

These pumps are Italian made and are completely constructed in non-corrosive material. Handle, pump casing and suction in polypropylene, motor case in stainless steel, impeller in noryl, double lip seal.

Model Number = DP80G
Rated Flow = 150LPM @ 5.9m head
Max Flow = 200LPM
Max Head = 8.5m
Outlet = 32mm / 1.25′
Warranty = 2 Years

Plastic body pumps suitable for clean water or grey water without solids. The quality of the particles should be less than 10% of the water.

The maximum particle size that these pumps can handle is 4mm and are not designed for raw sewage containing large particles. Clean water or ‘grey’ water containing small soft solids is ideal for these pumps. These submersible pumps are designed to pump semi-screened grey water with ease. Some wear should be expected while pumping hard solids in suspension.

The automatic float switch comes with a present float length for safe unattended operation.

All pumps are fitted with 10m cable for easy connection to power supply.

The mounting base is fitted for a firm and stable positioning during installation and operation.

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Maximum Litres Per Minute


Maximum Head (m)


Particle Handling Size (mm)


kW / Hp

0.8 / 1.1


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