Deep well bore pumps are submersible bore pumps used for pushing water up from underground wells or bores. They can also be used in dams, rivers and creeks.

Deep Well Bore Pumps

When selecting a bore pump, you need to know the total head and flow required.  You then use the flow curves to select the correct bore pump for your needs.

VIEW FRANKLIN FLOW CURVES HERE: Bore-Pump-Performance-Curves



Submersible Bore Pumps are available in 1 Phase 2-wire, 3-wire, 3wPSC and 3 Phase.  The 3-wire & 3w-PSC 1 Phase models come standard with a Starter Box.

Automatic Tank FillFill your tank automatically when it gets low

Deep Well Bore Pumps Controllers can perform many functions such as monitoring the water level in the water tank or bore.  If you add level probes to the controller, you can automatically start the bore when the tank water is low and stop the pump when the tank is full. – Look for Level Controls here.

Complete Range – View the Complete Range of Deep Well Bore Pumps

Also available is Motor Protection and Bore Pump Accessories

  • Franklin Electric Submersible Bore Pumps

    Franklin Electric Submersible Bore Pumps (128)

    Franklin Electric Submersible Bore Pumps

    Franklin Electric submersible bore pumps are top of the range, quality bore pumps. Please click the form below to VIEW THE PUMP CURVES. Bore-Pump-Performance-Curves Franklin have been supporting water industry for over 50 years.  If you were to pull up a bore pump in an old bore or well, chances are it will be a Franklin bore pump.  That is only how long they have been in Australia for.  Franklin Electric was founded in 1944 in the USA manufacturing small motors.  They have many years experience in the motor industry.  You don't survive for that long without having quality products. Strongman Pumps (formerly Cheapa Pumps) have been a registered dealer for Franklin Electric for 10 years and have been selling Franklin Electric submersible bore pumps and other Franklin pumps online for that time.

    4" Franklin Electric Submersible Bore Pumps

    The Franklin 4" range of bore pumps have a floating impeller system which protects the pump against damage from grit and sand. The Strongman Pumps website only displays the 4" bore pumps, however, we also sell 6", 8", 12", 14" and 16" submersible bore pumps.  Please contact us for the larger bore pumps. Our range of 4" inch bore pumps below are listed from the smallest flow in Litres Per Minute (LPM) to the largest flow. The Franklin Electric Submersible Bore Pump Models are available in 2-wire & 3-wire single phase and 3 Phase.
  • OEM Submersible Bore Pumps

    OEM Submersible Bore Pumps (18)

    OEM Submersible Bore Pumps

    OEM Submersible Bore Pumps are original Equipment Manufactured Bore Pumps. All the OEM submersible bore pumps on the site are 4" inch bore pumps, suitable for 4" inch casing or larger. There is only one model 3" inch bore pump available with starter box or with automatic control box. A couple of the OEM bore pumps are coupled with Franklin Electric motors.  Any of the OEM pump ends can be coupled with Franklin Electric motors if requested.  This will increase the price slightly.  
  • Pentax Submersible Bore Pumps

    Pentax Submersible Bore Pumps (17)

    Pentax Submersible Bore Pumps

    Pentax Submersible Bore Pumps are coupled with top of the range Franklin submersible motors making them an exceptional bore pump.  These would be the best value for money bore pumps on the website. I have heavily reduced the price of the Pentax pumps by a massive 65%. You won't buy better! VIEW THE PENTAX PUMP CURVES HERE: Pentax-Bore-Pump-Curves Note* Not all the models are on the website YET.  However all the models are available.

    Pentax Pump Ends

    The Pentax bore pump wet ends are of high quality and are listed below in flow range and within each flow range in HP size from smallest to largest.  They have a floating impellor system which is good if the water is not absolutely clean.

    Sold only with Franklin Motors

    The prices you see on the website include the pump and motor combined. We believe the Franklin submersible motors are the most reliable and affordable submersible motor in Australia.  So we only couple our Pentax submersible bore pumps to Franklin motors. Franklin motors are available in 2-wire, 3-wire & 3wPSC or in 3 Phase.  Some of the motors are available in 316SS for more saline water.  Franklin also have high thrust motors, rewindable motors and more. As there is a huge range of motors to choose from, we have displayed one or two types of standard motors only to keep the model range small.  Otherwise there would be to many pages and it would get confusing.  If there is a model to suit and you would like a different motor (as long as it is the same hp/kw rating) then please let us know and we can easily arrange this for you. The 3w-PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) motors making them Ideal for use with a generator as they have a lower starting current. I have clearly marked this on the page. 3 Phase motors are 415V. 3 Phase models don't come with contactor. For 3 Phase contactors, please click here. These submersible water pumps have a 2 year warranty with excellent after service,  especially the Franklin Motors and controls. So far I have not had a single Pentax pump returned.
  • Wilo Submersible Bore Pumps

    Wilo Submersible Bore Pumps (58)

    Wilo Submersible Bore Pumps in Australia

    Wilo submersible bore pumps are now in Australia. Wilo has a long history in the water pumping industry.  They started trading in Australia as Wilo Australia, from the 1st July 2011 as a full operating subsidiary of Wilo SE (Germany). As far back as 1872 Wilo was founded as a family owned brass and copper factory. They have over 140 years of technological progress in the pumping industry. Wilo SE headquarters are in Dortmund, Germany and they are one of the global leaders in the pump business. WILO’s approach is: 1 - The supply of very high-quality, reliable, energy-efficient products that meet the exact requirements of their customers. 2 - Employing a sector leading attitude to customer care that is internationally recognized. WILO is literally everywhere across the World and is a GLOBAL well respected Brand.

    Quality and Value - Wilo Submersible Bore Pumps

    As a leader in the international pump manufacturing business, Wilo offers high quality German design, manufacture and fantastic value. Wilo quality bore pumps will easily match the most expensive pumps such as Grundfos bore pumps, without the high price tag. So if you’re trying to save money without sacrificing quality you need to consider the Wilo submersible bore pumps. The 4” bore pumps have a very similar flow rate to the Grundfos range of 4” submersible bore pumps making them a value for money quality comparison product. So when you want value for money for a reliable, strong product, Wilo bore pumps are the best choice. VIEW WILO PUMP CURVES HERE: Wilo-Pump-Curves