Bore Pump Accessories are products needed when installing a submersible bore pump down a bore hole.

  • 3 Phase Contactors

    3 Phase Contactors (10)

    Three 3 phase contactors or starters are used for starting submersible 3 three phase motors. A basic on and off switch for 3 phase submersible motors
  • Bore Caps

    Bore Caps (3)

  • Control Boxes & Panels

    Control Boxes & Panels (51)

    Control boxes and Control Panels for Submersible Bore Pumps. Franklin Single 1 Phase control boxes for 2-wire &  3-wire motors from 0.37kW to 3.7kW Franklin SubStart SC Starter Box for single 1 Phase 3w-PSC motors from 0.37kW to 2.2kW Franklin Three 3 phase CP3 Control Panel from 0.37kW to 7.5kW to house relays, clocks, timers, level probes, etc
  • Drop Cable

    Drop Cable (7)

  • Flexibore Flexible Hose System

    Flexibore Flexible Hose System (43)

  • Float Switches

    Float Switches (14)

  • Franklin Electric

    Franklin Electric (55)

  • Installation Roller

    Installation Roller (1)

    Makes bore pump installations easy! Connect the roller onto the casing., then lowered the pump into the bore casing guided by the roller.  Then the riser pipe or poly slides on the rollers easily lowering the pump and pipe down the borehole.
  • Level Probe

    Level Probe (5)

    A Level Probe gets wired into the pump controller to monitor the water level in the tank or bore
  • Motor Protection

    Motor Protection (4)

    Motor Protection

    Three 3 phase and single 1 phase motor protection for Franklin submersible motors. The 3 phase Submonitor is for motor sizes from 2.2kW to 150kW The 1 phase Pumptec is for motor sizes from 0.37kw to 1.1kW Protects against low yield bores, worn pump parts, drop in water levels, broken shaft or coupling, air or gas locking– cavitation, low voltages, clogged bore screen. The 1 Phase Pumptec Plus is for single 1 Phase motors from 0.37 kW to 3.7 kW and includes 3w-PSC motors. Protects against low yield bores, high and low voltages, rapid cycling, power surges, drop in water levels, broken shaft or coupling, air or gas locking – cavitation, clogged bore screen, sand or mud clogging, faulty check valves.
  • Pressure Gauges

    Pressure Gauges (4)

    Pressure Gauges

    63mm diameter, liquid filled gauges to monitor your pump/system discharge pressures. Ideal for troubleshooting low and no flow.
  • Pressure Switch

    Pressure Switch (7)

  • Pressure Tanks

    Pressure Tanks (8)

    Pressure Tanks

    Pressure tanks absorbs water pressure by utilizing pre-charge compressed air / bladder arrangement.  Because of this stored pressure (energy), when a valve or tap is opened water is pushed out of the tank through the plumbing system. When the water in the pressures tank drops below the pre-charged value, the pressure switch is activated turning on the pump. The pump then refills the pressure tank. The combination of the pressure tank, pressure switch and the pump is what allows water to flow through your home or garden.
  • Safety Wire

    Safety Wire (4)

    Buy 3mm and 4mm wire rope also known as support cable and safety cable is used to support submersible bore pumps. Secure submersible bore pumps from falling down the borehole
  • Shroud Adapter

    Shroud Adapter (2)

    Shroud adapters are used to install a shroud over the submersible bore pump which works to cool the submersed motor. Water has to rush past the motor to get to the pump inlet which cools the motor protecting it from overheating. These are only needed when installing a 4  inch bore pump down a 6 inch or larger casing.
  • Splice Kit / Termination Kit

    Splice Kit / Termination Kit (1)

    4 inch Splice or join the bore pump cable to electrical drop cable with a splice kit. Includes connectors and shrinkwrap for a watertight splice
  • Stainless Steel Grips

    Stainless Steel Grips (2)