About Strongman Pumps

My Name is Marion and I am an Australian who has lived in remote areas of Northern Australia for a large part of my life. With this, I have experienced many situations where problems have occurred with the water pumping systems resulting in no water supply. This can be extremely stressful and a replacement pump is a matter of urgency. I now live on a rural property which is on the outskirts of town and it can be just as stressful if the bore pump, sewage pump or pressure pump stops working. This is why it is important to me to deal with companies that realize the urgency of getting the pump out to the customer as soon as possible.

I started selling water pumps quite a few years ago, after my very expensive bore pump (sorry I am not allowed to mention the brand name) slowly died. I had no idea back then that my pump should have had a floating impeller system because of my gritty water supply and that those particular pumps were only good for pumping crystal clear clean water.

My good friend, who was a pump installer, told me not to bother with another expensive bore pump as my bad water supply and gritty water would definitely cause the death of the next pump. He said that the next pump probably wouldn’t last very long either.  So he suggested I buy a cheap pump.

So a not-so-expensive (correctly selected) OEM bore pump was installed, worked great and has lasted many more years than the original expensive pump.

I started recommending these OEM bore pumps to my friends and neighbors as everyone in my area has a bore.
Since then, I have been trained by several different companies on pump selection and water dynamics, have learned a lot and have successfully and correctly selected pumps for hundreds of customers over the the last 10 years.
As most of my business is online and my customers are mainly men, I have found that men like to go shopping alone and don’t want to be harassed, so the website is designed to have as much information on the pumps as possible, so you can go shopping in peace but still have access to professional advice if needed.
What I have also discovered over the years is that some water bore drillers (not all of them), will tell their customer to put a certain size pump (hp) down the bore without specifying a particular model. This is extremely dangerous as the driller is only looking at getting water to the surface and is not looking at the complete picture.  So their pump selection calculations may be incomplete. You may get told to put a 1hp bore pump down the hole… Well, there are many 1hp bore pumps, and all Pump Wet Ends have a different amounts of impellers that are designed to push water varying distances and heads.
There are many more details needed in calculating the Total Dynamic Head, to be able to make a correct pump selection for your needs.  If you need help with your selection, I have a bore pump quote form that you can fill in and I can recommend a pump that will suit your situation.

Correct pump selection for any type of water pump is crucial to the life of the pump. At Strongman Pumps, I will always select a pump that will run as close to the top of the efficiency curve as possible. This along with the correct installation of the pump will ensure that your pump lasts many, many years.

For Bore Pumps, correct installation also includes choosing the correct size submersible drop cable and ensuring that the waterproof join is done by a professional to make sure that it IS WATERPROOF.

Over the years I have been approached by companies to become a registered dealer for Pressure Pumps, Sewage Pumps, Fire Fighting Pumps, Pond Pumps, Transfer Pumps and many other Water Pumps.  This has allowed me to choose the best quality pumps and companies that offer the best customer service for my customers.

My customers have shown their gratitude for the helpful advice that Strongman Pumps have provided them. So my mission is to:

  • Sell quality water pumps
  • Make my prices affordable
  • Make pump selection as easy as possible
  • Process orders as quickly as possible
  • And to only deal with companies that offer exceptional warranty and fast delivery

This will make sure that Strongman Pump customer are happy and not without water. Over the years, I have had some really lovely customer feedback, so I know that I am achieving my mission.

If you need help with your pump selection, please don’t hesitate to contact me,  or simply request a call back. I will be happy to assist you with any inquiry.