2.2kw/3hp Franklin 4 inch Submersible Motor – 3 Phase 316SS

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Franklin 3 phase High Thrust 316 Stainless Steel submersible motor: Special construction option for acid, low pH, and seawater applications.

4-inch Encapsulated 316 Stainless motor.

These motors are built for dependable operation in 4-inch diameter or larger water wells. Premium motor protection system protects the motor against overload, underload, overheating and rapid cycling. They are fitted with water lubricated radial and thrust bearings for a maintenance-free long life operation. The motors are filled with a special fluid, providing frost protection down to -15ºC. A special diaphragm ensures pressure compensation inside the motor.

• Hermetically sealed stator, anti tracking, self healing stator resin prevents motor burn out
• High efficiency electrical design for lower operating cost
• Cable material according to drinking water regulations (VDE/ACS/KTW approved)
• Removable Water Bloc lead connector
• All motors pre-filled and 100% tested
• Non contaminating water filled design

Technical Specifications:
• 3 Phase High Thrust motor: 2.2 kW
• 4″ NEMA flange
• Rotation 3 phase: either CW or CCW (wiring change)
• Protection: IP68
• Insulation: Class B
• Rated ambient temperature: 30°C
• Cooling flow: min. 8 cm/sec or 0.8 m/s
• Starts per hour: max.20, equally distributed
• Installation: vertical to horizontal, shaft upwards
• 3 Phase Voltage tolerance 50 Hz: -10% / +6% UN(380-415V = (380-10%)-(415+6%)
• 1 and 3 Phase Motor protection: Select thermal overloads according to EN/DIN 61947-4-1, trip class 10 or 10A, trip time <10s at 5 x IN
• Lip seals on Super Stainless motors, 0.25 to 2.2 kW
• Mechanical seals on all High Thrust motors 2.2 kW to 11 kW
• Leads fitted: from 2.2 kW to 7.5 kW x 2.5 meter lead

Additional information

Weight 19.1 kg
Dimensions 48.7 x 9.5 x 48.7 cm

Franklin Electric



Power Type

Three 3 Phase

Motor Type

Franklin 3 Phase High Thrust

Order Number


Warranty Period

2 Years

kW / Hp

2.2 / 3


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